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CBD Essentials

by Cannaisseur Brands

Wins Best CBD Product 2018 from LNE & Spa Magazine

About CBD Essentials

A Division of Cannaisseur Brands

Aryn Sieber, Cannaisseur Brands founder, is an entrepreneur, volunteer, stage IV cancer survivor and passionate advocate for those in need.  Read more...

Our philosophy embodies environment sustainability throughout our product life cycle - from seed to our product ingredients to our packaging.  Cannaisseur Brands represents premium medicinal cannabis products as a result of using high quality natural ingredients grown in the United States. Our products are 100% compliant with all state regulations (Prop 215 and Prop D).

In addition, we are strong proponents for:  PAYING IT FORWARD

Our Products

  • Premium Cannabidiol (CBD) from feminized female plant(s)

  • Non-psychoactive

  • Ideal for all skin types

  • Can help relieve discomfort from muscle and joint pain

  • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates dry skin

  • Lab formulated and third party tested

My name is Allan and for years, I’ve suffered from debilitating arthritis pain in the AC joint of my left shoulder. The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t lift my arm and was at the point where I couldn’t use the steering wheel of my car to drive, leaving me dependent on others to help me with simple, everyday tasks. Last year, I met Aryn Sieber at a spa conference and he recommended I try his CBD Essentials Topical Cream. To my amazement, the CBD cream reduced my pain dramatically. As a firm believer of CBD therapy, I wholeheartedly stand behind the CBD Essentials products and recommend them to anyone seeking relief from muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation. 

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Paying it Forward

Five percent of product proceeds go to CannaCauses to support non-profits associated with the Compassionate Cannabis Community.