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Aryn Sieber, Cannaisseur Brands founder, is an entrepreneur, volunteer, stage IV cancer survivor and passionate advocate for those in need.  Read more…

Our philosophy embodies environment sustainability throughout our product life cycle – from seed to our product ingredients to our packaging.  Cannaisseur Brands represents premium medicinal cannabis products as a result of using high quality natural ingredients grown in the United States. Our products are 100% compliant with all state regulations (Prop 215 and Prop D).

In addition, we are strong proponents for:  PAYING IT FORWARD

Paying it Forward

5% of all product proceeds go to support nonprofits that are part of the CannaCauses Compassionate Cannabis Community.

Our Products

In his personal quest to survive stage IV cancer, Aryn realized the need to produce and provide access to quality, natural cannabis products. With that goal in mind, Aryn formed an alliance with a reputable independent lab to scientifically formulate his medicinally infused THC/CBD “flower” extracts that led to the creation and development of a brand of products, “CBD Essentials” and “CBD Nectar”.

CBD Essentials” all natural topical products are formulated to reduce discomfort associated with dry skin and muscle and joint inflammation All our products are infused using premium THC/CBD “flower” extracts cultivated and processed in the U.S.

CBD Essential products include:

  • CBD Topical Whipped Cream
  • THC Topical  Whipped Cream
  • CBD Therapeutic Massage Oil
  • CBD Lip Balm

CBD Nectar”, unlike other companies that may source CBD from industrial hemp or from foreign markets, our premium, purified pharmaceutical grade CBD is extracted from a high-quality CBD flower and cultivated and processed in the United States. Responsible doses of CBD alone and combined with THCa concentrate has been known to reduce the need for opiates that are used to reduce a host of illnesses including but not limited to seizures, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, pain etc., These concentrates are also known to increase appetite and restful sleep…

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