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Founding Story

Cannaisseur Brands was founded by 9/11 first responder and stage IV cancer survivor, Aryn Sieber. As Aryn endured rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he turned to medicinal cannabis for relief. He began mixing crude third party CBD extract with honey to soothe and coat his throat.

Realizing how well it worked, Aryn tried several other cannabis oil brands and then taught himself how to make premium extract oil using his own award winning cannabis flower. Through his extensive network of organic (CBD) cannabis growers he forged relations that led to the creation of Aryn’s (purified) Nectar.

Six months after being diagnosed Aryn was told that his cancer had miraculously disappeared and was in complete remission. Given a second lease on life, Aryn’s mission is to educate others about responsible use of cannabis and its medical benefits.

As a cannabis connoisseur Aryn founded Cannaisseur Brands and launched the business on September 11, 2016 to commemorate his surreal journey.

“Everyone deserves the medicine they need.” ®

Meet our team…



Aryn has 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, launching start-ups, developing brands, and selling products and services. Aryn developed Stage IV Cancer 13 years after helping out as a first responder at Ground Zero on 9/11. Soon after he began using raw cannabidiol (CBD) oil and honey. After five rigorous months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and using his homemade concoction of CBD and honey, Aryn’s doctors advised him that his cancer was in complete remission. Given his miraculous second chance at life, Aryn founded the Pay it Forward Foundation (P.I.F.F.), which exclusively supports nonprofits associated with education and the Compassionate Cannabis Community.

With his new found expertise as a medicinal cannabis connoisseur, Aryn used his business acumen to create Cannaisseur Brands and launched CBD Essentials; a line of premium CBD infused topicals including body & massage oils, lotions and balms.

As a member in good standing with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Aryn was invited and now sits on the Association’s 2017 Regulatory & Compliance Committee.


PAT SANDT, Vice President & Creative Director

Pat is a marketing consultant who has provided marketing communication services to a wide array of businesses for over 25 years. She has had her own marketing agency since 2001 and has extensive experience in developing marketing strategies and programs that focus on her clients’ business growth goals. Her agency, Green Ink Marketing, supports emerging, small to mid-size companies, and non-profits with their branding and integrating her clients brand with their print image, website, social media, video, and corporate events. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from California State University Northridge.


SID KATO, Chief Information Officer

Sid Kato is a Senior Technology Executive with over 25 years experience. He has developed a technology consulting practice in Southern California with named clients: American Honda, Ralphs, Transamerica, Toyota, Rockwell International and Trader Joes. Sid has also been involved in Global Change Initiatives which took him to Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, India and Shanghai.

DR. GARY FUJII, Ph.D., Technical Consultant

Dr. Gary Fujii is, President and CEO of Molecular Express, Inc. He has extensive experience as a life scientist and entrepreneur with a focus on facilitating the translation of scientific discoveries from academia into the commercial sector.  His experience includes; biophysical chemistry with an expertise in developing liposome-based products for commercial applications. His major development contributions include the use of protein/lipid complexes as drug delivery vehicles.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Fujii has been responsible for a number of inventions, several of which are sold in diverse markets such as the specialty chemicals, cosmetics, and life sciences industries. Dr. Fujii has testified at Congressional level hearings and holds his B.S. in Biological Sciences, B.S. in Physical Sciences and a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry all of which, he earned from the University of California, Irvine.


Caroline, when not busy working on Cannaisseur Brands projects, enjoys camping and spending time with her husband Larry and 3 adult children. They love to hang out and enjoy outdoor barbecues. She also loves to read and do craft projects in her spare time. Our sweet Caroline is a recent breast cancer survivor, and through it all she never skipped a beat and always kept her fun and uplifting attitude that we all love so much! Having gone through this tough battle, it’s become near and dear to her heart to help others seeking alternative forms of medicine to fight cancer or other ailments and diseases. She’s a true living testimony that, “Everyone deserves the medicine they need.”®

WENDY CHINCHILLA, Customer Relations & Sales

Here’s a bubbly ball of energy that makes everyone in the office smile. When not at work, Wendy enjoys getting out in the sun to cruise the strand on her bike, workout, or just hang out at the beach with friends. Trying out new foods and restaurants is one of her favorite hobbies too!  Wendy has always been an avid supporter of medicinal cannabis. First hand, she saw the debilitating side effects of chemo & radiation cancer treatments with her grandmother, a battle that sadly her grandmother lost. This has passionately fueled Wendy to share and educate EVERYONE of the alternative treatments available and about the importance of the responsible use of cannabis.

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